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You will Fail your Diet, But THIS Will Set You Up For SUCCESS

Don’t want to fail on your next diet? You won’t believe these 2 easy strategies will set you up for success.

We are constantly bombarded and told all the time to eat healthy foods (fruits, veggies, protein, eat less sugar, processed, and dairy products) and that is all well and good, but when we try this diet we fail!

It’s too much of a habit shift to change the way we eat now and switch to that type of diet.

That diet doesn’t suit your lifestyle and situation right now.

I could write you scientifically the best diet in the world, and im sure any trainers and online gurus have tried to sell you one!

I don’t care how good of a diet a trainer or guru writes up, it could be scientifically the best diet in the world…but if you can’t follow and adhere to it then it’s useless!

The best diet hands down for you is one you can consistently follow for the long term. No arguments.

So to get you from where you are right now to that type of diet you need these 2 strategies:

1. Find out what are your non negotiable.

The food you have to include in your diet to keep sane and consistent for the long term. Examples are a coffee and muffin every morning or i’ll go insane, or a piece of chocolate every night.

List them down so we can set up your diet around these non negotiables. The diet will revolve around these and your portion/calorie budget for the daily will be less to accommodate. Non negotiable are important! They will keep you sane and on the right track to be consistent.

2. Plan ahead for social events or events that occur regularly. Examples are, Friday night work drinks, Saturday dinner with friends, Sunday lunch at grandparents. To accommodate for these events we reduce your portions/calories during the day leading up to the event, or skip a meal by using a fasting protocol. The same can be done for unexpected or last minute events, by following the above on the next day.

What about the Myths?

Now hear me out before you jump up in arms in defence that you’re not allowed to skip meals, you have to eat small meals frequently throughout the day, or you have to protein every 4 hours and it can’t be more than 30 grams.

These are myths! They have been debunked countless times by irrefutable scientific research.

  • You don’t need to have small frequent meals to keep your metabolism burning

  • You don’t need to have protein every 4 hours or your muscles will fall off, all that matters is the total amount for the day, not the frequency.You don


You can digest more than 30grams of protein in one meal, it’s not wasted. Various studies all support that your body will digest what you throw at it, and not a single study I’ve ever seen shows otherwise. The only meaningful difference here is that a meal containing more protein will just take longer to digest than a meal containing less protein. That’s literally it.

That wraps it up! Using those strategies and disregarding the myths will set you on the way to being consistent with your diet and successful in your goals.

Coach Michael

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