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The 3 reasons why to avoid Meal Plans your Trainer doesn't want you to know!

Ever wondered why you can stick to a diet, have an uncontrollable binge or regain all your weight and more once the diet is over.

It’s not your fault! Your trainer or online guru is being lazy by:

  • making cookie cutter plans,

  • not wanting to put in the time and effort into making a custom portion controlled diet.

  • they restrict you from eating types of foods that are perfectly harmless.

Unless you have an intolerance or social reason you should not be avoiding food groups or types, prime scape goats are bread and diary.

The 3 reasons why you should avoid meal plans

1. They are restrictive You’re given a list of foods to eat that you MUST stick to. Food that may not suit your taste or are uninspiring and make you feel deprived. You should be allowed to eat the foods you like and can stick to, and be given PORTION GUIDELINES to work within.

2. Your lifestyle doesn’t fit a meal plan Everyone’s lifestyles, habits, attitude towards food are different. Things come up that are unpredictable and a meal plan can’t be followed. Instead we need FLEXIBILITY and GUIDELINES for these situations. A meal plan doesn’t give you that.

3. They make you stupid They keep us from learning how to eat and prepare meals for the long term. If someone is always telling you what to do, and how to do it, you will never understand the rationale behind the plan.

What happens when the meal plan is over or you don’t want to work with that trainer anymore? Most people will revert back to their old habits. In this case, you just spent all this time and effort getting results, but because you failed to learn what was actually going on, you can’t do it for yourself.

The Solution So, what’s better? A DIET PROTOCOL that gives you GUIDELINES, BOUNDARIES and PORTIONS to stick to.

A protocol that allows you to:

  • choose healthy foods you like,

  • earn the rationale behind the diet so you’re set up for the long term.

  • have flexibility to accommodate any lifestyle situation.

Coach Michael


Bonus Information

See below to help you learn what different diet portions look like to help you make your own decision and not be stuck into being told what to eat.

Protein Portions

Creating a meal and want to add Protein? Well here are Portion options.

So many options to choose from when trying to select a protein portion. You don't need to be restricted (like with a meal plan). Select food that suits your taste and situation (on the run or out for dinner)

Tip: 1 Protein Portion = 1 Palm size = 20-25g protein macronutrient

Image source:


Cuts of Meat. How much Protein⁉️

You can clearly see that 1 Protein Portion of meat is on average:: ~20-25g Protein macronutrient ~100-150 calories ~3-6g Fat macronutrient

Tip: 1 Protein Portion = 1 Palm Size = 100g (3oz) raw meat.

Image source:

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