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Not getting stronger? Use these 2 Simple Methods

Not getting stronger? Stuck on the same weight for months? You won’t believe how simple it is to overcome with these 2 methods.

You see this in the gym, where people are grinding out reps with the same weight from months ago because they can’t overcome a sticking point, whether that be the bottom of the bench press, the lockout on deadlifts, etc.

There are many methods to overcome strength plateaus and sticking points which i will share with you over time, because these two methods are quite easy to implement right now! Here they are...

1st Method: Train Weak Muscle Groups

This method is quite simple; figure out which muscle groups are weak, strengthen them with targeted exercises, and then watch the primary lift go up!

Here's an example: In your squats your sticking point is the top lockout, indicating a weakness in the quads. To overcome this, you incorporate lunges into your accessory work to strengthen the quads. Once you've increased the strength and size of the quads, your body will learn to translate this into your squat, and therefore eliminate your sticking point!

So you might be asking which muscle groups relate to the sticking point? In this table you will see for the big 3 lifts which muscle group are weak in relation to where your sticking point.

2nd Method: Train Weak Range of Motion

This method is quite similar to the 1st method, except this time you'll be training a specific range of motion versus a specific muscle group. In my experience, this method is more easily applicable to beginners or those who don't have a firm grasp of muscle groups and functions.

How to use this method? Simply train the range of motion around your sticking point. Research shows training 15 degrees above or below the sticking point translates to strength gains at the sticking point.

Here’s an example: If your sticking point is the bottom of the bench press, a 1-board press should be a good exercise to train. If your sticking point is the top lockout of the deadlift, then use heavy rack pulls.

In this table you will see for the big 3 lifts which exercise to use for your sticking point.

In Summary

Two easy methods you can implement right now to overcome your sticking points.

Coach Michael​

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